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Plasma Cutter Controller

Characteristics Of System • Coordinate system can be customized to support the two dimensional coordinates of all eight kinds. • All input and output port type and the number can be customized (normally open or normally closed). • Self-diagnostic function, to diagnose the key status and all the IO status, facilitate inspection and debug. • Provide a front USB interface for copying files. • System can be upgraded by USB interface easily, and we provide lifetime upgrade service. • All functions and techniques can upgrade online and don' t worry about the after sale service. • Import and export files by single or all files. • Display time, week and clock. • Parameters backup and online upgrade. • Support the Flame, Plasma, Dusting draw and Demonstration four kinds of mode. • Including various types of processing parameters to meet the needs of different processes. • Flame and Plasma are separated in the control IO ports. • Support THC, two level preheat, three level pierce in flame mode. • Plasma arc feedback, positioning feedback, automatically shut down the arc at the corner. • Support edge cutting. It can save the preheat time for the thick steel plate. • Movement speed can be real-time acceleration, deceleration. • According to plate thickness, the cutting speed is automatically restricted by a speed limit in the corner, effectively preventing over burn. • Select row and column manually. F2000 Series Shape Cutting Control System Operation and Installation Manual 7 • Dynamic/static illustration of the process, graphics zoom in / out, dynamically tracking cut-off point under zooming state. • DSP as core can control the machine move in high speed accurately, stability and in low noise. • Starting speed and acceleration can be set by your convenience. • Automatically memorize the working situation and the last cutting point when power off. • Cutting offset" function can avoid waste the steel plate when the nesting of the plate is calculated wrong. • Set up different administration authority and the corresponding password to safeguard the interests of equipment manufacturers. • Long-distance remote control can control the machine to move forward, backward, left, right and cutting start, stop and so on (optional configuration). • Plasma arc controller support two modes of close arc THC: rate and distance, making machine more stable and safer. • Monitor: F2100B: 7 inch (800*480), F2300A and F2300B: 8 inch (800*600), F2500A and F2500B: 17 inch high brightness LCD with industrial VGA interface.

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