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G00 Rapid positioning
G01 Linear interpolation
G02 Cw arc/spiral interpolation
G03 Ccwarc/spiral interpolation
G73 High speed deep-hole drilling processing cycle
G8K G82 Drill cycle
G83 intermission drill cycle
G85、G86、G89 Boring hole cycle
G74、G84 Tapping cycle
G22、G800 Fixed cycle
G52 Set local coordinate
G31、G311 Check skip instruction
G15、 G16 Polar coordinate programming


G20/G21 Metric/inch system programming
G90/G91 Absolute programming/incremental programming
G17、G18、G19 Select plane
G54-G59 Work piece coordinate system
G43、G44、G49 Tool length compensation
G45-G48 Tool radical compensation
G40、G41、G42 Tool radical compensation instruction
G60/G64 Accurate positioning/continue feed cutting
G26、G261-G264 Return to program coordinate
G28 Return to reference point
G04 Delay instruction
G65、G66、G67 Macro command
S、M、T S、M、T function

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