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NJ001 series servo drvier

Servo drive specifications

Basic specifications


 NJ001-08  NJ001-13  NJ001-20  NJ001-50

Maximum current(A)

10.7 12.7    18.0  25.0

Power supply

single phase AC170~253V

Cooling method

Natural cooling/ fan  Cooling ?

Control method

SVPWM control


Provincial line or incremental encoder

Internal functions

display and operation

Six of seven-segment display LED: four function keys

Control model

position control / speed trial run / jog run /internal positioning PLC function/RS485 communication/ speed/ torque

Braking function

Internally installed

Protection function

Under voltage, over voltage, over load, over current, encoder exception, braking, position error etc.

Position control model

Command control model

External pulse

External command           pulse input


pulse+ direction   cw/ccw  A/B orthogonality

Maximum frequency

Differential motion:1MHZ  open collector: 200KHZ

Electronic gear ratio


Speed control range

 speed ratio: 1:5000

Speed rate of change

Speed fluctuation ratio:<±0.03(load 0~100%). <±0.05(power-15%~+10%)

Command smooth way

Linear time constant 1 ms~10000ms(0r/min←→1000r/min)

frequency characteristic


input/output  signal

location signal output

output type

ABZ phase line drive output/ Z open collector output

Frequency division ratio

1/225~1Frequency division

input signal

7 points photoelectric isolation input

Input point can be defined as any 21kinds, see parameter settings

output signal

4 collector open

1) location/speed reach 2) servo alarm output;3)Z signal output 4) brake output. Freely defined

Usage temperature


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