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N09 series high performance vector control inverter

N09-2S0004H-N09-4T0022H/4T0037L Above N09-4T0037H/0055L Specifications




Control Method

Vector Control 1

Vector Control 2

Start-up Rotation Torque

1.00Hz 180%

0.50Hz 180%

Speed Adjustment Scope



Speed Stabilization Precision




Control Method

Vector Control 1

Vector Control 2

Essential Functions Frequency Setup

Undervdtage adjustment, rotation speed tracking, rotation speed limit, multiple sectionspeed operation (up to 15 sections] sel^adjustment, S section curve acceleration anddeceleration, slip cnmpensationp PID adjustment, current limit control, manual/automatic rotation torque improvement and current restriction

Operation panel setup, terminals Up/Dn setup, host computer communication setup,analogue quantity ^M1/AI2/A13) setup and terminal pulse DI setup

Frequency Range

0.00**300.00Hz. V/F method 0.0-3000.00H4 customization available

Start-up Frequency Duration of Acceleration & Deceleration



Product Features


Dynamic Braking Capability

380V vector control inverter: Braking unit actuation voltage: 650-750V 220V vector control inverter Braking unit actuation voltage: 325-375V; Time required: 100.0S Internal braking unit available for N09-4T0220H/0300L-N(»4T0750H/0900L

DC Braking Capability

□C braking start frequency: 0.00-60.00Hz;

DC braking current: 0.0-120.0% (for constant rotation torque) and 0.0"*90.0% (for changeable rotation torque)

DC braking time: 0.0-*30.0s No waiting time at the beginning of DC braking

Flux Braking Capability

Either always active or remain inactive while decelerating is available for selection. However; the latter is usually enabled by default

Multi-function Button M

The muKi-function button M can be used to carry out Irequent actions such as inching, emergency stop (free stop) and changing the direction of rotation etc.

Parameter Duplication

Via the operation panel relevant parameters can be uploaded or downloaded. There is a status bar indicating the current progress of parameter duplication. As for the parameters that have already been uploaded, they can be banned for uploading and then rewriting.

Communication Port 485

Such port supports the Modbus protocol (RTU). Users are allowed to deploy the operation panel to execute remote control long as 500m.

Operation Panel

Button-type and potentiometer-type available, protection level set to IP20 by default as a standard protection level. IP54 available fbr selection

Special Features


Communal DC Bus

A number of vector control inverters can be powered by the communal DC bus.

Individual Air Passage

Individual air passage is equipped and radiators can be installed outside the cabinet

Versatile Expansion

CPU integrated versatile expansion board for secondary development by users, physical interface SPI bus and Modbus protocol for software

Expansion Cards

User secondary development card, plastic injection molding machine interface card, PG feedback card, air compressor control card, communication adapter, power supply monitoring card, phase sequence detection card and external power supply rectification card etc.

Power-on Self-test

Check the internal and peripheral circuits via power-on self-test to confirm whether the motor is grounded, the output of+10V power supply and the analogue input is normal, or the line is disconnected.

Protection Functions

Project against undervoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent as well as interference, benchmark deviation determined th rough comparison, setf-redification of failures, module protection, radiator overheat protection, vector control inverter overioad protection, motor overload protectionabnormal current detection, output short circuit to ground abnormality detection, unexpected power failure in operation, irregular output of input power supply, phase shortage, EEPROM irregularity, relay failure, temperature sampling interruption, encoder fault, irregular output of +10V power supply, analogue input irregularity; motor overheat (PTC), communication issues, irregularities of duplication and expansion card connection, terminals failed the exclusiveness test and hardware overload protection


For the rated power not more than 7.5KW,45KW and 55KW, the efficiency is S93%r ^95% and 298% respedively.

Ambient Temperature

10°C~+40°C. When the temperature is between 40°C and 5D°C, derating is acceptable. As the temperature rises, the rated output current should be cut down by 1% for each


increment of 1X. 5^*95%, condensation is not permitted




0-2,000m. When the height above sea level exceeds 1,000m, derating is acceptable. As the altitude rises, the rated output current should be cut down by 1% for each increment of 100m.


3.5mm, 2~9Hz; 10m/s2,9-200HZ; 15m/s2 ,200-500Hz

Storage Temperature


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